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Landman Services Texas

Texas is the largest state in the union but one that also still provides a great deal of our petroleum. That is why becoming a landman can become a lucrative venture for those living in Texas. After all, companies like Tracker Services LLC provide service to oil, natural gas, and alternative energy companies not only in Texas but throughout the country.

These companies extrapolate petroleum oil used for various services and are regulated by the American Association of Professional Landmen.

What landman services are available in Texas?

The services provided by landmen in Texas include a great many things. They can involve negotiating for the acquisition of mineral rights, negotiation for the exploration or development of materials through business agreements, researching public and private records to determine ownership in minerals, reviewing title status, fixing title defects and reducing associated risk with mineral ownership and much more.

Essentially, landmen handle all the behind-the-scenes paperwork when it comes to the ownership of minerals and petroleum mining procedures. “Landmen” is a generalized term as women also practice through practitioners.

What are the different versions of landmen?

There is Registered Landman (RL), which is the initial level of certification. It signifies a fundamental knowledge as well as a commitment to furthering their education. Registered Professional Landman (RPL) is the mid-level designation assigned by the AAPL. This distinction signifies that the landman is knowledgeable, experienced and profession. This also requires sponsorship from three CPL certified individuals. Lastly, there is the Certified Professional Landman (CPL) which is the highest level offered in the industry. CPL is the standard and requires the sponsorship above, a proctored test as well as other requirements.

How much does a landman make in Texas?

Landmen can make quite a good salary in Texas these days. Though the sample size is on the smaller side because the industry itself is not that large in terms of employees, the salaries do range reasonably high. Salaries are taken from the AAPL Landman Compensation Study held by Forrest F. Asen Jr., Ph.D.

It is found that the average salary in 2010 for company landmen was $124,641 while the median salary was $110,000. For independent landmen, the average was larger ($126,608), though the median was lower ($90,000).

Some factors can affect what a landmen earns can revolve primarily around education. Those landmen with only a high school education earn a median salary of $90,000 while those with a Ph.D. earned over $152,000. Not only that but men out-earned women by almost $31,000 on average, creating a wide gender gap.

How do you become a landman?

Becoming a landman generally requires prior education. A bachelor’s degree from a four-year university has become a must for most companies. Some of the experience required, though, only comes from doing the job itself.

Typically, landmen have to start as a land tech, lease analyst, title analyst or leasing agent before they can move up. They also have to take the certification course offered by the American Association of Petroleum Landmen (AAPL) and enroll in a petroleum land management program at an accredited university.

Landman Services Texas
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