Brooklyn Storage Units

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Brooklyn Storage Units

Moving or starting a remodeling project can be exciting until you look around and realize that all of those items need to get packed and stored somewhere. Many people panic at this point, unsure of where to begin. If you have excess belongings, whether yours a home, corporate, or commercial space, and you need a safe, clean, and reliable place to store them either temporarily or permanently, consider the Brooklyn storage units of Prime Meridian.

Prime Meridian is a local, national, and international moving company in NYC who offers storage solutions for our clients and for our neighbors. We pride ourselves on providing practical, safe, and secure storage options when people need them most.

The Reasons People Use Our Storage are as Numerous as the Items We Store

Most of our storage unit clients are our moving clients who need a storage solution until the new place is ready. Many of the people we move have to leave their current location but need to wait until the construction or paint is finished in their new place before they can bring their stuff in. Some people want to clear their homes of excess clutter for a more productive showing if they're trying to sell. Still, others storage clients aren't moving at all. They just need a permanent storage facility to keep their belongings because the items are cluttering their personal space, but they don't want to get rid of them.

The Importance of a Clean Storage Facility

You may have heard about problems with bedbugs and cockroaches in many of the storage units throughout Brooklyn. Unfortunately, both bedbugs and cockroaches don't tend to stay in one place. Indeed, they travel very well. The last thing anyone wants is to drop off their belongings in a storage facility, only to bring home an infestation of bugs when they take home their belongings.

Prime Meridian Moving provides a safe and clean storage facility where your property will be protected from bugs, theft, and weather. Our climate controlled storage vaults are ideal for individuals with delicate items that can't be exposed to excessive heat or cold.

We Serve Corporate and Commercial Clients as Well

Many corporate offices and organizations use our Brooklyn storage units to store excess equipment and materials. Decluttering the office or workspace enhances efficiency and productivity for the entire team. At Prime Meridian Storage, we can house everything from unused IT equipment to office furniture and files. If you manage a corporate or commercial space and you'd like to maximize your work area, give Prime Meridian a call. We'll get all that extra stuff out of your hair! We'll even come and pick it up for you.

We Can Move Your Things to and from Our Brooklyn Storage Units

For many of our moving clients, after wrapping and protecting their furniture and belongings, we move it to one of our secure Brooklyn storage units. We stock our storage vaults smartly from one corner to the other, maximizing as much space as possible so that our clients can get in and find what they're looking for quickly. We try to use all available space as long is it is safe to do so.


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